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Noted life coach and personal development expert Brian Tracy says that the reason most people don't become wealthy is that they simply don't decide to. He notes that many people have a problem with delaying gratification and spend the majority of what they make, instead of saving.

Did you know that there's nothing standing between you and your wealth but YOU!  That's right, your experiences, beliefs and habits can block your mental and financial wealth.  

Get ready to unleash your inner potential and "Claim Your Wealth"!  All this month on the Successful Woman Radio Show I'll be sharing with you ways to claim your wealth mentally and financially and start seeing results!

March 7th
Unleash Your Mental Wealth

March 14th
Unleash Your Power to Claim Wealth!

March 21st

Unleash Your Power to Build Relationships

March 28th

The Wealth Code: 7 Principles of Financial Wealth!