Letting Go of Your Bananas!

July/August Book of the Month!

Letting Go of Your Bananas!

by Dr. Daniel T. Drubin

letting_go_bananas_coverIn this short, but wise book, Dr. Drubin says "Life is like a bunch of bananas – some are good and some rotten.   Letting Go of Your Bananas is a book that will help you identify the areas, sistuations, circumstances, and people in your life that you need to let go of.  They represent the bananas that you are better off without.  At the same time, you can select all of the positive bananas in your bunch and enjoy the sweetness they add to your life.

Letting Go of Your Bananas provides you with 12 Keys that you need to know and adhere to in order to take you from wherever you are to wherever you want to be.  The choice is yours, and, to the degree that you adhere to these 12 Keys and make them part of your life, you will alter your destiny".

Note: Available in Kindle/PDF Reader Only at this Time

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