It’s Not Rocket Science!

July/August Book of the Month!

It's Not Rocket Science:
7 Game Changing Traits for Uncommon Success!

by Mary Spio, Deep-Space Engineer & Internet Entrepreneur

its_not_rocket_scienceIn this exciting book of the month, author Mary Spio shares the secrets to cultivating curiosity, creativity, cmpassion, audacity, focus and tenacity – to change the tame and change the world.  Filled with Spio's own hard-won lessons along with illuminating insights from business and thought leaders who are following their passion in the worlds of science, technology, education, media, and more, the book delivers actionable insights to help you:

* Discover your greatness

* Embrace your difference

* Live your life by dsign

* Find your tribe

* Start where you are

* Dare to do something great