Your Road Map For Success!

September 2016 Book of the Month!

your_roadmap_for_success"Defining success is a difficult task.  Most people equate it with wealth, power, and happiness.  But true success is not a thing you acquire or achieve.  Rather, it is a journey ou take your whole life long.  

In a refreshingly straightforward style, bestselling author John C. Maxwell shares unique insights into what it means to be successful.  And he reveals a definition that puts genuine success witin your reach yet motivates you to keep striving for your dreams.

John shows that the Keys to Success Are:

  • Knowing your purpose in life
  • Growing to your maximum potential
  • Sowing seeds that benefit others

Success is not limited to those with financial resources or special talents.  It is available to anyone willing to learn a few practical principles and then follow through with them day to day.  In Your Road Map for Success, John guides your every step until you are equipped with your own road map to take you on the rest of the trip."

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