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Developing a Successful Mindset!


Have you ever asked yourself the questions, “What do I need to do to be successful? How can I make more money?”  If you answered yes, you’re not by yourself!

Success is an achievement that each woman must define for herself, because it is dependent on the desired outcome.  

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It’s Not Rocket Science!

July/August Book of the Month!

It's Not Rocket Science:
7 Game Changing Traits for Uncommon Success!

by Mary Spio, Deep-Space Engineer & Internet Entrepreneur

its_not_rocket_scienceIn this exciting book of the month, author Mary Spio shares the secrets to cultivating curiosity, creativity, cmpassion, audacity, focus and tenacity – to change the tame and change the world.  Filled with Spio's own hard-won lessons along with illuminating insights from business and thought leaders who are following their passion in the worlds of science, technology, education, media, and more, the book delivers actionable insights to help you:

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Letting Go of Your Bananas!

July/August Book of the Month!

Letting Go of Your Bananas!

by Dr. Daniel T. Drubin

letting_go_bananas_coverIn this short, but wise book, Dr. Drubin says "Life is like a bunch of bananas – some are good and some rotten.   Letting Go of Your Bananas is a book that will help you identify the areas, sistuations, circumstances, and people in your life that you need to let go of.  They represent the bananas that you are better off without.  At the same time, you can select all of the positive bananas in your bunch and enjoy the sweetness they add to your life.

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July 2016 Theme: The Truth About Social Media!


Join host and Business Success Coach, Trina Newby along with Digital Marketing Expert, A'nary Bellamy for an up close and business conversation about "The Truth About Social Media!".

Show Dates:

July 11th & 18th

About Our Featured Guest!

Mom, wife, and business owner A’nary Bellamy carries a passion for helping Entrepreneurs survive the pain points she once encountered, especially when it comes to the foundation of business growth…Digital MARKETING.

Over the years, A’nary has started and grown several businesses. It is through this journey and years of training she has learned unique and out of the box ways to attack the task of Digital Marketing.

She is CEO/Founder of Your Simple Mommie Marketer, a digtal marketing company specalizing in assisting micro and home-based women-owned businesses.


Wealthy Woman, Wealthy Mind



Successful Woman Radio

March 2016 Theme: Wealthy Woman, Wealthy Mind!

Mondays @12 Noon (EST)

Dial-in 347-637-2589

Listen Online:

Noted life coach and personal development expert Brian Tracy says that the reason most people don't become wealthy is that they simply don't decide to. He notes that many people have a problem with delaying gratification and spend the majority of what they make, instead of saving.

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Declutter Your Mindset!

Decluttering Your Mindset For Success Is Feburary 2016 Theme!

Mondays @ 12 Noon Eastern!

Show Dial-in: 347-347-2589

declutter_mindset_imageWith 2016 moving along, it's important to keep your mind focused on your business priorities and goals. However, it's difficult to do so when you're not clear on what you should be doing.  So, it's time to "Declutter" and eleminate those thoughts and whatever else is holding you back from moving forward!

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The Miracle of Self-Discipline

woman_it_starts_w_youNovember 2015 Theme:
The Miracle of Self-Discipline!

Host, Trina Newby

Business Success Coach & CEO/Founder, Women About Biz

Tune in on Mondays, November 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 @ 12 Noon Eastern

Dial-in 347-637-2589


Women are amazing beings able to do anything we set our minds to and yet, we also wonder why are there people who are very successful and some who seem to struggle with everything they attempt to do?  What are the secret keys to success?

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4 Powers of Strategy

4_powers_of_strategyOctober 2015 Theme: 4 Powers of Strategy

Host, Trina Newby

Business Success Coach & CEO/Founder, Women About Biz

Tune in on Mondays, October 5, 12, 19 and 26

It's no secret that consistency and stratgic planning are essential for a successful business!  Join host and business success coach, Trina Newby as she introduces the 4 Powers of Business Strategy during the month of October.

Show Topics During October 2015:

October 12th

Power of Vision & Focus

October 19th

Power of Planning

October 26th

Power of Action

Six-Figure Woman!

august_2015_theme_site_bannerAugust 2015 Theme: Six-Figure Woman!

Host, Trina Newby

Business Success Coach & CEO/Founder, Women About Biz

Tune in on Mondays, August 3, 10, 17, 24, & 31 @ 12 Noon (EST)
Dial-in 347-637-2589

It's time to step it up and generate the revenue that you desire for your business!  During the month of August, Host and Business Success Coach Trina Newby will share how to make the right changes in your life and business in order to start making more money!

Show Topics During August 2015     

August 3rd: Moving Into Your CEO Role
August 10th: Building Your Brand
August 17th: Lead Generation
August 24th: Becoming the Queen of Cash Flow!
August 31st: Workflow Implementation